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Novae Terrae Foundation

Registered office:
Via Albricci n. 8, 20122, Milan, Italy

IT 80 G 03069 09620 100000001543


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
Milan, Via Bocchetto, 13/15.

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If you want to learn more about our areas of work, please choose from the following:

FNT - Coronavirus Emergency Projects PRO LIFE
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coronavirus q Progetto bambini Congo H rights
Global Index on Human Dignity Global Index on Freedom of Education

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The Novae Terrae Foundation was one of the first Italian NGOs to adopt a Compliance Program according to the principles of the Legislative Decree No. 231-2001. This Program is aimed to strengthen the the organization within the Foundation, in the respect of the principles of transparency and efficiency. Go to page 'Transparency' on our web-site