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Every human being's right to life from conception to the natural death is based on the principle that every human being has the same dignity. Children have the right to be raised and educated, when possible, by their parents, their mothers and fathers, and parents are responsible for their offspring. We support also the right to freely practice religious faith in the public as well as private sphere.

These are fundamental rights. Without them, any other right would probably be inconceivable. But these human rights have a paradoxical destiny: formally and officially recognized by most international Charters of Rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, European Social Charter etc.), they are very often ignored in national and international bodies' political procedures.

In fact, they are not just ignored, but also betrayed. “New human rights” are increasingly promoted, although they have nothing to do with the concept of human rights according to natural law. On the contrary, they are paradoxically becoming the major obstacles to the promotion and the respect of real human rights.

These “new human rights” include the so called “right to abortion”, “sweet death”, same-sex couples' “right to marry”, the value of “State's secularity” turning into intolerant “secularism” towards those who publicly express their religious faith. Although these alleged rights are not defined in any Charter of Rights or International Declaration, they are strongly developing through political and judiciary procedures.

The Novae Terrae Foundation commits itself to defend human rights conceived according to natural law and to control the extension of essentially inhumane “insatiable rights”.

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Human life and dignity, natural family, freedom of religion and education: these are the human rights defended and promoted by the Novae Terrae Foundation
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