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Coronavirus - urgent in Lombardy

coronavirusDear friends,

In these last weeks, news from Italy show the serious situation in the country because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Our association’s headquarter is in Lombardy, in two cities: Milano and Saronno. This region is the most affected by the virus, the second place in the world after China.

For the time being, we are good and no one has contracted the virus yet.

You can easily imagine how big logistical and economic difficulties are; we try to keep offices open and do our activities as usual because now more than ever they must concretely help families.

We will continue our mission with renewed commitment, thanks to our brave volunteers and your support.

Our fellow citizens and friends live in the worrying situation of great instability. Elderly and their families are experiencing certain difficulties, but they are not the only one.

You know how in these last years we have supported initiatives for the persecuted Christian communities, for the rebuilding of the Cathedral in Aleppo and for projects in Congo.

We have helped for years persons in needs around the world, now we are that persons.

The situation is extremely serious; it is the first time our region must face such an emergency.

Families were not ready for this outbreak and are in difficulty.

The virus affects especially the elderly and the weak. Health facility is well organized in Lombardy but it is collapsing because of the high number of cases at the same time.

 Schools are closed, offices and all activities are blocked, and religious celebrations are suspended. Lombardy is isolated from the surrounding world.

The weakest are more and more alone.

Now we need your help.

In collaboration with organizations that are close to families in difficulty on our territory, we want to give a quick and practical help.

We ask you to give your support and donate in order to help people in this unexpected serious situation that is creating situations we have never thought possible before.

We have always helped people, now we urgently ask help for our own country.

We count on your help.


Emanuele Gianmaria Fusi

FONDAZIONE NOVAE TERRAE CF 97412950152  - Via Albricci, 8 -  20123 MILANO Italy