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Dear friends and supporters,

Now that we have come to the end of this year, we must thank you for the support and contributions that you have never failed to give us in all the battle pro-life that we successfully faced during this last year. However, it is also time for me to proudly present a new project, a new challenge that Novae Terrae Foundation is going to undertake during the New Year in defense of life and human dignity.

We decided to do something in practical terms in order to help children born to women that refused abortion in Democratic Republic of Congo and in its capital Kinshasa. The city is the one in Africa with the highest number of Christian people and counts more or less 20 million inhabitants.

In this city there are more than 100.000 children completely abandoned who live in the streets and are subject of the worst atrocities that a man can conceive. They are victims of sexual abuses, slavery and organs removal.

They are from 3 to 12 years old and survive in small groups, begging and collecting food from landfill.

We cannot allow that these young human beings die by exhaustion; they are condemned to a short life without dignity and hope.

The healthcare system in Congo allows women to deliver at hospital, but they must pay all costs of the stay before leaving. For this reason, many mothers with no money flee during the night and leave children in public orphanage in a very bad state.

I have been there several times there and now we are ready to support three aid projects for children living on the streets. We chose these three ones because of their efficiency, transparency in the management of funds and because the centers that promote them have a strong history in that reality.

The first project is going on in an orphanage privately financed. It concerns the construction of a new maternity ward, in order to allow mothers to give birth to their children free of charge and stay together relying on a good assistance if necessary.

The second one is about the financing of a medical team that works with an ambulance on the streets in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Kinshasa; they provide health support to abandoned children. A Catholic community manages this project; the supervisor is an Italian priest, Don Maurizio.

The third project is called “Mama Sofia”. Its objective is to help public orphanages in Kinshasa. They host thousands of abandoned children but due to lack of funds, they are in terrible conditions.

In few days, we are going to publish on our web site more details about the projects and the official documents on organizations and centers that coordinate them.

We want to demonstrate that we are always PRO LIFE, from conception to children care. Life is always the best choice. Let’s demonstrate it concretely.

We ask you one more time help and support, sure of your positive response.

Me and all children on the streets in Kinshasa count on you. Please, be generous, as you have already demonstrated on other occasions. A small donation can make a difference to many children.

If you want to support the initiative, donate here!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Emanuele Gianmaria Fusi

Our friends of “Mamma Sofia” association has started the distribution of the first few hundreds of facemasks to children, boys and girls on the streets of Kinshasa but it is really important to do more.

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