Our ordinary activities

The Novae Terrae Foundation for the last several years has been a strong and committed defender of Human Rights, in particular: the right to life, the right to form a family and to get married, freedom of education and parent's rights, and the right of religion freedom. True to the values we stand for; we have been involved with dozens of other nonprofit organizations and associations as well as government institutions from all over the World that share our values.

Our commitment is reflected in the values we hold as pillars of society. Our Values

We have partnerships from around the world that allows us to have a “trim” in house staff, but we have been able to web a network of other similarly minded people and with their support we are able to generate contents, articles, information, research, events, meetings, congresses, symposiums, teaching and training sessions, publications, etc. etc. etc. Our Partners

We also are launching, thanks to the request of a few friends, a network of volunteers from around Italy that we are planning to expand all over the world. Thanks to the new information technologies, we are able to reach almost every single corner of the World, and every single person can do so much in the mission we have undertaken. Every grain of sand helps to build a big and strong structure.