The manipulation and misuse of information.
Media neo-colonialism, the case of 
In England - premature baby born before the legal abortion deadline
Transgender Mania
A rush of transgender propaganda has flooded the media, not just in America, but in Canada and across the pond, (where every leftist trend in the U.S. is instantly copied), determined to ram transgenders down society’s throat. We are supposed to admire them, we are supposed to emulate them, we are supposed to think like them. The American Psychological Association, --always a festering sore of political correctness -- jumped into the transgender bandwagon. Even the National Geographic magazine, which embraced Political Correctness under the new editor, ran a cover article eulogizing transgender children (the reason given for doing so was moronic). And the TV series Supergirl now has a transgender character.

Jewish schoolchildren attacked by Muslim men in France
Despite Violence by Islamic Terror Group, Thousands in Nigeria Are Turning to Christ
North Korean Christians ‘Desperate’ for Bibles, Risking Death to Acquire a Copy

Man sues to lower age because ‘you can change your gender’
States 'Must' Legalize Abortion, Says U.N. Human Rights Committee

UN Committee Says, “Right to Life” Means “Right to Abortion”

New Zeland, opinion poll on euthanasia.
The bill would allow New Zealanders aged 18 and older who suffer from a terminal illness likely to end their life within six months, or a grievous and untreatable medical condition, to choose an assisted death.

Trump speaks truth to Transgenders...Hopefully.
Trump's interpretation of Title IX can no more negate transgenders' humanity than it was Barack Obama's muddying up of Title IX that beneficently bestowed humanity on them. Their humanity is not in question.  It never was. 
56 Major Companies attack Trump on ‘binary sex’ (men and women) definition.

Trump Administration Issues Final Obamacare Religious Exemption Protecting Little Sisters of the Poor

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