nonno e bimbo

This study and all the researches connected to it want to show “if” and “how” human dignity is respected in every country and in a worldwide context. Human dignity, the consciousness that every human being has been created by God and so it is His creature, is a human value and at the same time a human right determined and recognized by the international order.

The basic idea of Human Dignity Global Index is to start the research involving as many as possible experts, universities and institutes at national and international level.

As we have done in the previous ‘global researches’ (IGIF and FEI), we would like to use only “solid” data provided by international agencies (World Bank, FMI, Euronest, Eurofound, OECD, Central and South America, Asian, African and Oceanian agencies etc.) and then ask to every country for missing information by their national statistic institute. We will produce a usable research as a tool that civil society leaders and politicians as journalists at national level could really use to promote ‘objectively’ and ‘rationally’ human dignity rights and values AND compare their own country with others (at the same geographical area and at the same economic level).

HDGI as a powerful tool might be use, any social and civic leader should promote it, as a ‘competitive’ and ‘comparative’ instrument to evaluate publically ‘how much’ and ‘on what’ the political programs presented and implemented by different parties are matching with it.

HDGI provide to the public opinion a new and clear ‘criteria’ and ‘data’ to asses ‘if’ and ‘how much’ their Ngo’s leaders and politicians are really committed to the country’s advancement. At the same time, any country could use HDGI at international meeting sor organizations and strongly request the human dignity respect and govern the change of international organizations ‘agenda’.